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  • Although we do not finance franchise development, we can provide you with a list of potential lenders who will welcome your call.

  • We prefer multi-unit agreements, but there are circumstances under which we would consider smaller (one- or two-unit) agreements.

  • Each franchisee is responsible for acquiring real estate as well as contracting the construction of their restaurant. However, Hardee's will provide assistance for site selection and restaurant design.

  • Many areas of the country are open and available for development. Please see the Development section of this site for more information regarding territory availability, or fill out our prequalification form to begin your application process.

  • Yes. Hardee's offers multi-unit development agreements for specific geographic areas. The terms of the development agreement (including the number of units to build and the necessary time frame within which to have them open) are determined by the characteristics of the area in question. Factors that are considered include: potential for the area to support new restaurants, the number of restaurants stipulated in the agreement, and the degree to which the specific area or municipality is conducive to development. Hardee's determines an area's potential based on population, demographics, competition and other factors.

  • We share mapping, competition and demographic data with our franchisees. We also provide prototypical construction plans to each developing franchisee. Once you have a potential site to develop on, you will be required to complete a Site Application package. Once the Real Estate department receives the completed site package, it will be reviewed to determine acceptability of the site for a new location. A construction project manager will assist you with building requirements and design, and can make recommendations on potential contractors in your area. The construction project manager will also participate in a pre-construction meeting, a construction-in-progress review, and a final punch list for each new restaurant project.

  • Once the restaurant is built, our ongoing support includes providing equipment, food and supplies for your restaurant. A Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) will be assigned to your restaurant to assist you in evaluating and improving all aspects of your business. Furthermore, the Research and Development team will provide ongoing research and testing of new products while also maintaining our existing high-quality products. The Marketing/Advertising team will assist you with point-of-sale advertising materials and local store marketing strategies, and will keep you informed of upcoming regional and national promotions.

  • We require the Operating Principal and up to three managers to attend and graduate from a 12-week Franchise Management Training Program (FMTP) in a Certified Hardee's Training Restaurant. The FMTP is scheduled to be completed sufficiently in advance of your restaurant opening. Prior to the opening of your first restaurant, we provide on-site training assistance with a team of All Star trainers.

  • Yes.

  • Hardee's has a franchise fee of $25,000 per store with incentives for multiple locations, and a development fee of $10,000 per store. Franchisees pay royalties of 4% of gross sales and must contribute 5.5% of gross sales toward advertising and promotions. The advertising and promotions obligation is divided between the Hardee's National Advertising Fund, Regional Co-Op, and local store marketing.

  • We encourage prospective franchisees to conduct significant due diligence prior to committing to any new business venture. Existing Hardee's franchisees are an excellent source for answering questions about operations, marketing, finances, etc. The amount of profit or loss is dependent on a number of factors including the franchisee's ability to manage the business, drive sales volume, and control operating costs. Names and phone numbers of existing franchisees are available by request.

  • If you feel that you meet the initial franchise requirements and are eager to become part of the CKE franchise system, we encourage you to begin your application process using the Get Qualified form here on the site.